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    Information on IMMUNE SYSTEM THERAPY Print E-mail

    Information on IMMUNE SYSTEM THERAPY

    Ling Zhi Mushroom (Miraculous Mushroom) is an excellent natural health supplement with many valuable benefits and does not have any side effects. The common name is known as Lucid Ganoderma while the botanical name is Ganoderma Lucidum. The taste is sweet and the property is neutral, therefore it is suitable to be consumed by anyone. In the Chinese medical concepts, The essence of the Ling Zhi is able to penetrate the organs and its meridians to improve the conditions of the lung, heart, spleen, liver and kidney. This natural herb protects our immune system, and boost immunity, shortening the time for recovery, prevents a wide range of sicknesses and promotes self-healing.

    Ling Zhi or Lingzhi mushroom is highly recommended for people suffering from insomnia, anorexia, palpitation, dizziness, forgetfulness, nervous stress, hypertension, general body weakness or debility, fatigue, cough, indigestion, constipation, hemorrhoids, deafness, leukocytopenia, coronary heart disease and irregular heartbeats.

    Also applicable for chronic hepatitis and chronic kidney, liver disease, stomach disease, such as peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer, asthma, chronic bronchitis, endocrine disease in women, menopause syndrome.


    1. Sedative and tranquilizer, muscles are relaxed, prolonged sleeping time.
    2. Improve blood circulation to the coronary artery and cardiac muscles prevent atherosclerosis and heart problems.
    3. Regulate low and high blood pressure.
    4. Lower blood cholesterol and lipids.
    5. Anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic
    6. Increase the white blood cell and lymphocytes, and increase immunity.
    7. Improve the function of adrenal cortex and prevent radiological damage to the tissues and reducing inflammatory reaction caused by chemical substance.
    8. Anti-cancer.
    9. Anti-aging, delaying senility.
    10. Post-operation syndrome and easing pain.

    (Source: The collection of Aging Delaying Traditional Chinese Medicines With Color Illustration)

    Origin: Dried whole plant of Ganoderma lucidum (Leyss. ex Fr.) Karst and Ganoderma japonicum (Fr.) Lloyd.

    Actions and Indications: Tranquilizing the mind by nourishing the heart, invigorating Qi, tonifying blood and reinforcing the liver and kidney. (It is therefore suitable to be used for preventive measures as well as self-heal treatment for a wide range of diseases.)

    Also used for:
    1. Cough, asthma, shortness of breath and fatigue caused by deficiency of the lung and kidney;
    2. Tinnitus, deafness and soreness and lassitude of the loins and knees caused by deficiency of the liver and kidney;
    3. Palpitation, insomnia and amnesia caused by deficiency of heart-qi and heart-blood;
    4. Strengthening the spleen and stomach to improve digestion.

    Direction and Dosage:
    Be decocted first, take 3-10 grams daily. It can also be immersed in wine or levigated into powder for internal use.

    Caution: It is contraindicated for patients with primary exopathic diseases.

    Chemical Compositions:
    Lucid ganoderma contains protein, various amino acids, polyose, fats, terpines, ergosterol, organic acids, aldaloid, adenine, uracil, various enzymes and various trace elements as Ge, etc.

    Main Pharmacological Actions:
    1. Anti-aging
    2. Anti-tumor
    3. Strengthen the heart
    4. Improve immune function

    5. Improve adrenocortical function
    6. Anti-fatigue
    7. Reduce the excitability of parasympathetic nerves.

    Ling Zhi Formulas
    (Source: Ling Zhi Zhi Bai Bing-1997 Edition)

    (No. 18) For Dizziness, Insomnia, Palpitation
    Ingredients: 10g Ling Zhi, 5g Ginseng

    (No. 28) For improvement of blood flow, eliminate blood stasis
    Ingredients: 60-90g Ling Zhi, 30g American Ginseng, 30g Notoginseng, 45g Salvia Root

    (No. 40) For Chronic Hepatitis
    Ingredients : 6g Ling Zhi, 5g Licorice Root

    (No. 41) For Cirrhosis
    Ingredients: 15g Ling Zhi, 15g Astragalus Root, 15g Pilose Asiabell Root, 15g Wolfberry Fruit, 6g Thorowax Root and others

    (No. 49) For Angina Pectoris
    Ingredients: 9g Ling Zhi, 6g Notoginseng

    (No. 52) For Hypertension, Hyperlipemia, Hepatitis
    Ingredients: 10g Ling Zhi, 15g Gostrolia Tuber

    (No. 55) For Coronary Heart Diseases
    Ingredients: 60g Ling Zhi, 30g American Ginseng, 30g Notoginseng

    (No. 54) For Hypertension
    Ingredients: 15g Ling Zhi, 15g Astragalus, 10g Dry Ginger

    (No. 58) For Hypertension, Hyperlipemia, coronary heart disease, Arrhythmia
    Ingredients: 1,000g Ling Zhi

    (No. 72) For Chronic Cough, Persistent Cough, Dreams, Insomnia, Palpitation, Poor Memory
    Ingredients: 9g Ling Zhi, 6g White Butter, 15g Rock Sugar

    (No. 77) For Bronchitis Asthma
    Ingredients: Ganoderma Spores

    (No. 82) For Carcinoma Of The Lung
    Ingredients: 100g Ling Zhi, Black Fungus

    (No. 85) For Cacinoma of Cervix, Uterine Bleeding
    Ingredients: Ling Zhi

    (No. 91) For Pigmentation Due to Aging
    Ingredients: 6g Ling Zhi, 10g Poria, 2g Tea Leaf

    (No. 92) For Thyroidism, Diarrhea
    Ingredients: 9g Ling Zhi

    (No. 93) For Epitaxis, Hemorrhage, Hemoptysis
    Ingredients: Ganoderma Lucidum Spores

    (No. 96) For Diabetes Mellitus
    Ingredients: 15g Ling Zhi, 30g Chinese Yam

    (No. 80) For carcinoma of stomach, freckle
    Ingredients: 50g Ling Zhi, 1,000ml Rice Wine , 20g Honey

    (No. 100) For Wrinkle Skin
    Ingredients: 10g Ling Zhi, 10g Astragalus root

    "Note: The above formulas can be adjusted according to the body condition. Please consult the TCM physician for further advice."

    The Most Valuable Ling Zhi Spores
    The most effective part of the Lingzhi is the spores. Just like all living things, in order to reproduce, the Lingzhi spore is protected by a hard cell, which keeps the essential nutrients in a powdery form.
    In another word, when the entire plant was eaten by an animal or man, the spores were kept safe under these protective hard cells that could not be absorbed or dissolved by the stomach acid. Eventually these spores will be excreted in the stool and the spores continue to survive.
    Hence, even if you have been taking Lingzhi everyday, you have not gained its full benefits.

    The therapeutic effect of having absorbed the cracked Lingzhi Spore powder is 75 times that of the Lingzhi plant itself.

    In order for these nutrients to be released, the spore shell has to be completely broken and the actual spores cracked. It takes almost a thousand spores to be equivalent to the diameter of a strand of hair.
    Currently, there are 2 versions of spores in the market - the cracked and un-cracked. Studies have shown that the body's ingestion of the cracked spore powder is far greater than that of the un-cracked version.

    There are only few high technology manufacturers in the world that has the modern and advanced scientific technique to break down the internal walls of chitin. The chitin is extremely minute in size and this makes the process of cracking and exposing the spores extremely difficult and technical. After the cracking process, the shells protecting the spores are cracked, exposing the essence, which is the spores, and thus can be absorbed by the stomach. The exposed Lingzhi spores powder will be 75 times more potent than those of unprocessed Lingzhi spores.

    There are several brands and types of Lingzhi products available in the market.
    We would like to recommend the following two genuine and high quality products:

    1. China Ganoderma Lucid Essence
    (Source: ZhongHua LingZhiBao (Sanji) Shi Yong Shou Ming Shu)

    China Ganoderma Lucid Essence is made up of lucid ganoderma, ganoderma's spores etc : It contains abundant protein, 18 kinds of amino acids, polysaccharide peptide, adenosine, triterpenes and organic germanium. Clinical and pharmaceutical studies show that it has such effects as delaying senility, increasing the phagocytic function of macrophage, enhancing immunity, relieving irritability, easing pain, and reducing inflammatory reaction caused by chemical substance. It is a kind of natural substance, harmless to the human body, very valuable and used for nourishing yin essence, strengthening the body, prolonging one's life, tranquilizing the mind and easing the pain.

    Indication: Insomnia, pain, anorexia, leukopenia, digestive canal cancer and post-operative weakness. Some people may suffer from slight diarrhea or loose stool after using the powder, but it does not affect the efficacy.
    Administration: Resolving two grams in boiling water, taking orally, twice daily, one hour before meals.
    Specification: Two grams in a sealed pack, ten packs in a box.
    Permit Number: Shan Wei Yao Jian 1996-0101 Produced by Xian Green Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

    2. Zhongke Ganoderma Spore Capsule
    (Source: Zhongke LingZhi Spore Capsules Chan Pin Shou Ming Shu)

    Zhongke Ganoderma spore capsule is made of shell-broken Ganoderma spore, which contains polysaccharide and other effective ingredients. It is tested and able to enhance body immunity, cell immunity, the phagocytosis of the mononuclear macrophage and the activity of NK cells. The product is not addictive.

    Main material: Shell-broken Ganoderma spore
    Functional ingredient: Polysaccharide >1.0%
    Function: Immunity adjustment, helping to inhibit tumor growth
    Fit for: People with poor immunity, especially those with tumor
    Dosage: 2-3 times daily, 2-6 capsules each time, taking before meals
    Official Approval: Weishijianzi (1999) No. 133

    Zhngke Ganoderma spore capsule is recommended by High-tech products sales network of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.

    (Source are from ZhongKe printed materials)

    As a medicinal nutrient, the ganoderma lucidum has a very long history. More than 3000 years ago, our ancestors began to use it to cure diseases and it was praised as the "Oriental Miracle Herb" for its remarkable effect. It is a household legend that ganoderma lucidum is able to "brings the dead back to life". Ganoderma lucidum spore is the essence of ganoderma lucidum and only one gram of ganoderma lucidum spore can be derived from 1000 grams of ganoderma lucidum.

    Functional Mechanism
    Ingredients: Ganoderma lucidum spore is a combination of triterpene, polysaccharides, polypeptide, glucopeptide, adenosine, enzyme, alkoloid, organic germanium and multiple trace elements and thus it is endowed with strong physiological activity, suitable for independent application or integrated application.

    Tumor Restriction Mechanism

    By stimulating the body-intrinsic effector cell* with cytotoxicity, ganoderma lucidum spore promotes the biological activity of retothelium and kills the tumor cells, restricting the growth of tumor or eliminating tumor.
    1. Activates effector cells of body, enhances the ability of body to kill tumor and of oncolysis, raises the activity of damaging the tumor for over 80%.
    2. Induce the secretion and synthesis of cells factor, enhances the ability of body to kill tumor, activates effector cells, and protects normal cells.
    3. Restrains immune suppressor factor produced by tumor cells, exposes tumor cells to killer cells.
    4. Restrains tumor cells from growing.
    5. Repairs and enhances the sensibility of body to cancer effector, enhances adaptability of body.
    6. Eliminates radicals so as to show strong activity of superoxide dismutase in body.
    7. Improves the synthesis of marrow cells DNA, RNA and protein, accelerates splitting and propagation of marrow cells, and enhances blood producing function of marrow.
    8. Reduces surface potential of cancer cells, inducts cancer cells gene to mutate again and initiate its fading program.
    9. Kills tumor cells, but its mechanism remains unknown so far.

    Zooperal result shows that Ganoderma Lucidum Spore has the inhibitive function to transplantable tumors.
    Sarcoma 180: 86.9 ~ 91.0% Leukemia P388: 66.5 ~78.4%
    Liver Cancer AH-13, AH-7974, AH-66F: 65.1~71%
    Rous Cancer : 81.5 ~ 89.6% Malign Fibroma : 86.0 ~ 98.0%
    EC Ehrilich Carcinoma : 79.3 ~ 87.6% Ascitic HEPS Liver Cancer : 44.7 ~ 56.0%
    *Effector Cell : T Cell, macrophage (MF), natural killer (NK) and lymph-cell activated killer (LAK).
    **Cell Factor: interferon (IFN), interleukin (IL), tumor necrosis factor (TNF) and clone stimulus factor (CSF).


    1. Acute Toxicity Experiment : LD50 for both female and male mice is over 21.5g/kg.
    2. Ames Experiment : Standard test bacteria TA97a. TA98, TA100 and TA102, flat oozing process, dosage 5000ug/one, with adding S-9 or not, which shows no obvious sign of induction activity.
    3. Polychromatophilic normacyte micronucleus test on mice bone marrow : Dosage is up to 10g/kg (weight) and no induction activity of the male and female mice has been detected on polychromatophilic normocyte of bone marrow.
    4. Induction activity of primary spermatocyte chromosome of mice spermary.
    5. Dosage is up to 10g/kg (weight) and no induction activity has been detected on primary spermatocyte chromo some of male mice spermary.

    Auxiliary application to cancer inhibition

    1. Promote the curing effect. Cancer-inhibitive effect can be increased when used with radiation therapy and chemotherapy. For 63.2 ~ 71.5% of all the cases, the therapeutic effect is enhanced (for 23%, the therapeutic period is shortened) and for 24.5 ~ 33.9%, the effect of radiation therapy is enhanced.

    2. Create therapeutic opportunity: for cases that therapeutic indication is restored for dying patients and patents receiving the conservative treatment, of which, 11.3 ~ 20.9% can resume radiation therapy and chemotherapy. This product can help post-operational cut to heal rapidly and recover physically so as to receive radiation therapy and chemotherapy as soon as possible.

    3. Prevents tumor from rapid diffusion.

    4. Reduces side effect: the toxic effect has been reduced to low during radiation therapy and chemotherapy and the bone marrow is eased. For 80.6 ~ 87.0% of the cases, the white cell is kept within the limit; for 55.8 ~64.2% of the patients, no vomiting and the rest can stop vomiting within 1 ~ 3 days; for 17.5 ~ 23%, they suffer from slight lapsus pilorum; Over 95% with normal sleep and diet.

    5. Improve life Quality: during the whole lapse, the life quality is considerably improved. Increased diet : 100%; Better sleep: 100%; restored vitality : 100%; restored white cell : 90%; relieved from pain : 70%; improve oppilate : 60%; bedridden patients can walk about now : 65%

    6. Prolonged Survival: 100% of patients who took in various dosages can outlive the estimated survival.

    Decrement of White Blood Cell:
    Shell broken Ganoderma Lucidum Spore can enhance the synthesis of the marrow cell protein and nucleid acid, speed up the separation and proliferation of marrow cells and relieve the marrow inhibition. It is effective to the white blood cell decrement incurred during the process of radiation therapy, chemotherapy and other reasons and the efficiency of therapy is 84.6%. Dosage: 12-20 capsules/day.

    Chronic Bronchitis and Asthma :
    Shell broken Ganoderma Lucidum Spore can enhance the reproduction of cilium epicyte of the trachea and the repair of the cartilage deformation of he trachea and restrain the release of amine and the rivalry acetylcholine to relieve the spasm of the smooth muscle. It is effective to the cough, sputun and asthma typical of bronchitis and the efficiency to asthma is 80%. Dosage: 6-12 capsule/day.

    Diabetics :
    Shell broken Ganoderma Lucidum Spore can increase the concentration of plasma insulin and speed up the metabolism of glucose. It not only enhance the utility of saccharine by surrounding tissues but also strengthen the activity of the crucial enzyme through the metabolism of saccharine in the liver to promote the utility rate of saccharine by the liver. For example, it can promote the activity of glucose kinase and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase to decrease the activity of the synthetase. Dosage: 8-12 capsules/day.

    Hypertension and Hyperlipemia :
    Shell broken Ganoderma Lucidum Spore can restrain the activity of antiotensin enzyme and the efficiency is 87%. It can obviously reduce the concentration of cholesterol, triglyceride and -fatty protein to reduce blood fat and prevent hepar adiposum. Dosage: 6-12 capsules/day.


    Ganoderma Lucidum is a rare germ in the traditional Chinese medicinal treasure house and it has been worshipped and deified for 3000 years by the oriental world. Zhongke Ganoderma Lucidum Spore is the best of the modern ganoderma lucidum products and has been widely used as BRM (biological regulating media), to help resist tumors and excellent effect has been achieved, which has brought the hope of life and recovery to those who suffer from cancer or other diseases.


    The human cell absorbs nutriments via molecular permeation. The spore is similar in size to the human red blood cell and so it is impossible to absorb. In view of the structure, the outer layer of ganoderma lucidum spore is a wall of chitin and its composition is something like that of the walnut. The ganoderma lucidum spore is a walnut reduced by 3000 times and the rigorous chitin contains the molecule and these molecular matter contains the main anticancer material polysaccharide and the polysaccharide with the molecular weight of 40000 cannot permeate the solid structure of chitin to enter the human humor. Boil the ganoderma lucidum spore for 2 hours in 14x de-ionized water, the total amount of polysaccharide is only 1/9.2 of that in the shell-broken spore. Another experiment shows that the excrement from patients who took shell-unbroken ganoderma lucidum spore contains a large number of unbroken spores and some of them were even viable. These experiments show that only by breaking the shells of the spores can the efficacy of ganoderma lucidum spore be fully made use of and absorbed. Whether used independently or with cordyceps, astragalus or poria, it is an indispensable step to break the shell.

    In addition, newly collected ganoderma lucidum spore powder contains immature spores and the triterpene content in immature spores is low and it is difficult to break the shells. Triterpene is important composition of the ganoderma lucidum spore and it has great activity in killing tumor cells, relieving pains, protecting the liver and detoxication. Shell-broken spores must be mature spores and only mature ganoderma lucidum spores can guarantee the content of triterpene.

    Some people believe that constant taking of shell-unbroken spores has some effect. This can, however, result in manure calculus.

    More information and free article on how Ling Zhi are used as "A New Anti-Cancer Drugs Prepared From Chinese Traditional Herb" can be obtained from our chief physician T.T. Ang at: Chinese Nature-Cure Institute, 545 Orchard Road #03-06 Far East Shopping Centre Singapore 238882 Tel: (65) 6732 7909, (65) 6734 5330

    Our Chinese physician will introduce and explain the usage of different kind of Lingzhi according to individual conditions & needs. We also provide diet guidance and knowledge related to Yin & Yang concept. By adjusting the diet habit that is best and beneficial to individual body system. Different type of LingZhi will be recommended according to individual condition and budget. The LingZhi products available from our center ranges as follows :

    Description Price
    1. Ganoderma Luciderma 100 capsules S$46.00-S$80.00
    2. Ganoderma Luciderma Shell-Broken Spore 100 Capsules S$140.00-S$180.00

    3. Ganoderma Lucidum Spore oil 10 Soft-gel S$140.00-S$180.00
    4. China Ganoderma Lucid Essence 10 Packs S$398.00-S$450.00

    Therapeutic Course
    In order to optimized the healing process, the Ganoderma Luciderma should be consumed in periods in blocks of 3 weeks per therapeutic course. For critical cases, it is highly recommended that the Ganoderma Luciderma be taken in periods in blocks of 9 weeks per therapeutic course.

    As for preventive measure consumption, please consult your Chinese Physician for the recommended dosage.

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