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Hello my dear patients and friends. No matter who you are, please do not feel despair due to your current conditions. You need to stay positive and be strong.

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A Little Information About Myself

I started my acupuncture practice back in 1969. I am an exceptionally well travelled practitioner in this profession. I spent months in China each year in my younger days meeting associates and leading medical tours for my students.

I have helped many patients overcame conditions that many doctors deemed 'hopeless' or too late. And unfortunately I also witnessed a lot of patients tried acupuncture only as a last resort. Still many see treatment as an "either, or" selection, instead of "both" or "compliment with".

I am currently over 70 years old and I now spent most of my time visiting long time friends around the world. I still practice acupuncture but only by special requests. My wife, who is also an accomplished acupuncture practitioner continues my practice, so I can put my time to writing and publishing my experiences online.


Chinese medicine is practised differently from the Western medicine because the underlying medical concepts are based on a holistic approach to the treatment of the human body.

If one organ or meridian is malfunctioning it will give a series of symptoms

Therefore, treatment of the one organ or meridian will affect the whole, producing inner balance and an harmonious environment.

This concept is also referred to as the Yin & Yang balancing. This is the explanation of how one acupoint can be used to treat many symptoms cuased by different illnesses. It causes the endocrine response to perform homeostasis in the body which brings about positive results.

I have posted some carefully selected articles here on my website.

 I hope these articles can help you on your quest to a healthy and happy life.