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Ancient Chinese

Ancient Techniques With e-System Acupuncture

Enable a better understanding in ECIWO theory and application in the acupuncture treatments. Please refer to our website for the article “Regulate the Immunology Function (Case Studies)” 有关穴位释放自体内化合物质及其作用的资料等,请参阅我们的网站 上的“Regulate the Immunology Function (Case Studies)” 1. WARM NEEDLING BY SUSPENDED MOXIBUSTION悬灸温针—类 红外线热疗 Commonly used to enhance acupuncture treatments, this combination is especially helpful in cold, damp … Read more "Ancient Techniques...

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Color Blindness

By Shandong Science And Technology Press (1985) Clinically, there are two types of color blindness – congenital and acquired. The common causes of acquired color blindness are optic atrophy, intoxication of alcohol or tobacco, weakness of visual activity or other fundus diseases. Only congenital color blindness will be discussed in this chapter. Symptoms and Signs … Read more "Color Blindness"

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Acupuncture and the Addictions

Acupuncture has been used in mainland China and the Far East for many years in the treatment of addictions, primarily, hard drugs. Acupuncture and Smoking What are the common withdrawal symptoms associated to stop-smoking (without the help of acupuncture)? *Source: http// What causes weight gain and craving after quitting? The possibility of weight gain is … Read more "Acupuncture and...

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Acute Conjunctivitis

It is an acute communicable eye disease infected by bacteria or virus, usually occurred in the spring and autumn. Symptoms and Signs: The primary symptom of this disease is redness of conjunctivae with increasing of secretion. In mild cases, only congestion appears in retrotarsal fornix and the palpebra conjunctiva, while in those of acute cases, … Read more "Acute Conjunctivitis"

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Regulate The Immunology Function

Thousand years ago, the Chinese had already discovered how to make use of Chinese herbs to balance the body Yin & Yang system and the use of needles on the body to eliminate pain and cure diseases to perfect health. In 1963, a roundstone needle, which is determined as the primitive tool for acupuncture therapy, … Read more "Regulate The...

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The article is extracted  from English-Chinese Concise, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Publishing House of Shanghai College of T.C.M. (1993) Identification and Treatment 1 Upward Attack of Wind-Phlegm Main Manifestations: Distending and splitting sensation in the eyes, splitting headache, nausea, vomiting, mixed congestion of the eyeball, misty correal edema, mydriasis with green-blue colour and rock hard eyeballs. Therapeutic Method: Tonify … Read more "Glaucoma"

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The article is extracted from English-Chinese Concise, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Publishing House of Shanghai College of T.C.M. (1993) Identification and Treatment 1 Yin Deficiency of the Liver and Kidney. Main Manifestations: Early cataract with senile debility, dizziness, tinnitus, and soreness of the low back. Red tongue with scanty coating or without coating, thready and rapid pulse. Therapeutic Method: Nourish … Read more "Cataract"

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Nebula (Mu Yi)

There is much confusion as to what is YI (nebula) in ancient medical records of ophthalmology. Nebula refers to the cataract on the back of the eye and a clouding of the eye. Nebula discussed in this section refers to the clouding of the back of the eye (cornea). There are two types of nebula: new and … Read more "Nebula (Mu...

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Sudden Blindness (Bao Mang)

Clinical Acupuncture & MoxibustionTianjin Science & Technology Translation & Publishing Corporation (1996) Sudden blindness refers to a condition of sudden loss of vision of one eye or two eyes with normal appearance of the eyes, it is one of the “emergency cases” in the department of ophthalmology. It is seen in thrombosis of central vein … Read more "Sudden Blindness...

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