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Here you will find interesting articles that I have put together about Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM in short, food cure remedies, and information about using various Chinese herbs to help improve your well being.

Ancient Chinese

Ancient Techniques With e-System Acupuncture

Enable a better understanding in ECIWO theory and application in the acupuncture treatments. Please refer to our website www.chinesenaturecure.com for the article “Regulate the Immunology Function (Case Studies)” 有关穴位释放自体内化合物质及其作用的资料等,请参阅我们的网站www.chinesenaturecure.com 上的“Regulate the Immunology Function (Case Studies)” 1. WARM NEEDLING BY SUSPENDED MOXIBUSTION悬灸温针—类...

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Rooted Fibrosarcoma / Deep Carbuncle – Power Point Slides

A CASE STUDY OF 12 YEARS HISTORYS ON | 十二年肌瘤肿块 ROOTED FIBROSARCOMA/DEEP CARBUNCLE CURED BY ACUPUNCTURE E-SYSTEM | 经E-SYSTEM 针灸治愈By Prof. T.T. Ang. |. 洪世忠 教授 FIBROSARCOMA/TUMOR 肌瘤/肿块硬结 Patient: An interior designer Age: 31 In the past 12 years had undergone 4 operations to remove recurrence...

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case studies

ECIWO Acupuncture Case Studies – 03

Unclear liver disorder Dr. Walter XXXGermanyPatient 1014 Pharmacist male 56 yr. old Diagnosis: Unclear liver disorder with swelling (palpable), no clinical explanation, liver values elevated, allergies, all clinical measures and medication without success. Treatment: One course of acupuncture daily ECIWO...

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