Report on the Disappearance of Carcinoma/Cancerous Syndrome

Even though medicine has developed tremendously, cancer is still today a chronic and life threatening disease. Recently, patients are turning to traditional therapies such as acupuncture for cancer management as opposed to the aggressive approach of modern medicine.

There has been much research published indicating that acupuncture is beneficial for chemotherapy-induced nausea, vomiting, and cancer pain.Other data also suggests acupuncture might be effective for chemotherapy-induced leukopenia, postchemotherapy fatigue, radiation therapy-induced xerostomia, insomnia, and anxiety.

In this article we introduce six case studies on the disappearance of carcinoma/cancerous syndrome after acupuncture treatment and the use of herbal medicines. The goal of this paper is to show that acupuncture has direct anticancer effects and should be used in the first instance before turning to more aggressive therapies.

Case 1

Non-Small Cell Carcinoma 非小细胞肺癌

Mr. Zihongchon, Age: 58 Johore

File no.: 0206-12

On May 2002, the patient was diagnosed with Lung CA. The CT scan showed the mass was 3.6 x 3.7cm and 5 days was increased to 5.3cm x 4.00cm and had compressed the right middle lobe bronchus and the right pulmonary vessels, the mediastinal lymph nodes had metastases.


Patient : A Medical Professional

Male/Age59/Weight72kg/Frequently Exercise/Vital And Healthy

Non Smoking/No Syndrome of Discomfort/ No Medications

Discovery of the Growth Of The Mass/ Lung Carcinoma About 3.7×3.6cm Located At The Lower Lobe Of The Right Lung During His Journey In Yantai ,China ( May 2002)

The patient repeated the scan in Singapore, which showed that the mass had increased almost 40% compared with the first CT scan in a very short period of time. Furthermore, the patient went to another hospital in Tianjing, Beijing for a further opinion.

He received treatment with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for 15 days. On the 12th June 2002 CT Scans showed that the growth of carcinoma had reduced again to 70%

DIAGNOSIS With Non-Small Cell Carcinoma 证断为非小细胞肺癌

  • 3.7X3.6 c m Tumor Mass Was Found At middle Lobe Of Right Lung
  • The Density Of Tumor Mass Was Smooth
  • The Marginal Of The Tumor Was Uneven
  • There Were Small Nodules Surrounding The Mass have Been Seen
  • Lung Carcinoma With Mediastinal Lymph Nodes Had Metastasis
  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma Non-Small Cell Carcinoma
  • Obstructive Pneumonitis With Mild Cough
5th day after discovery of tumor
The Fifth Day After The Discovery, The Tumor Was Increase To 5.3X4.0 CM About 40% ( 25th May 2002) SINGAPORE.  After 22 Days Of Acupuncture Treatments Showed 70% Reducing In It Side ( Treatment Between 25th May – 16th June 2002)

On 17 June-12 July 2002, he underwent 20 sittings of radiation therapy, after that, the CT scan showed that the mass had continued to reduce in size. The mass almost disappeared after 3 months.

A group of consultants from the oncology department of the 4th Hospital of Beijing advised the patient to continue chemotherapy, but his chief Chinese physician from another hospital gave him Chinese medicine instead.

The 5th CT Scan Showed The Tumor Had Continue to Shrink
The 5th CT Scan Showed The Tumor Had Continue to Shrink

Within 3 years, yearly CT scan showed the lungs were cleared.

The Chinese herbal medicine which the patient took was Qi Bei Fei An Wan Fang, Chansuzhueye, Yadanzi, Chinese Ganoderma Lucidum Essence etc.

Suggested acupoints were E-system Lung and Throat at metacarpal bone, Zusanli (St 36), Dazhui (Du14), Feishu (Ub 13) and Auricular Lung & Throat point. Direct moxibustion on Zusanli (St 36) was performed twice a week.

In addition, food remedy such as white butter, Jew’s ear, Kiwi and Asparagus also aided in recovery.

Case 2

Fibrosarcoma / Tumor 筋瘤硬结/肿瘤

Mr. Fu Age: 31 Singapore File no.: 0303-28

This patient is an interior designer. The patient presented with a Fibrosarcoma of 7cmx3cm in his left medial thigh, near acupoint Xuehai.

Due to the pain, he had difficulty in walking. In the past 12 years, he had undergone 3 operations to remove the recurring cyst.

In May 2003, he was distressed that the cyst recurred but he was reluctant to be hospitalized. In our treatment program we performed micro-cut therapy to remove the discharge.

The acupoints prescribed were local points, using a box system theory, supplemented with acupoints Yinlinquan (Sp9) and Sanyinjiao (Sp6).


Patient: An interior designer Age: 31

In the past 12 years Had undergone

3 operations to remove recurrence of cyst

Which was located left thigh inner media near

Acupoint xuehai about 7cm x 3cm with painful redness and hardness which caused him difficulty in walking

Ancient Techniques With e-System Acupuncture

ancient chinese

Enable a better understanding in ECIWO theory and application in the acupuncture treatments. Please refer to our website for the article “Regulate the Immunology Function (Case Studies)” 有关穴位释放自体内化合物质及其作用的资料等,请参阅我们的网站 上的“Regulate the Immunology Function (Case Studies)”

悬灸温针—类 红外线热疗

Commonly used to enhance acupuncture treatments, this combination is especially helpful in cold, damp and stagnation syndromes, blockage over long duration or years, wind, pain, circulation, stiffness of joints, difficulty in mobility, etc. It is suitable for both Hot and Cold symptoms, to tonify the body or reduce symptoms. Moxibustion is applied by suspending the lighted moxa stick above acupoint, with or without the needle, allowing the patient to receive the heat. The heat should be tolerable and gentle, in order for the patient to relax and allow the body to react according to the treatment. Usually about 3 to 5 minutes, or in emergency cases or cases which require heat reinforcement, may take up to 10 – 30 minutes. Extra care and attention to be paid to open wounds, broken skin surface, Diabetic cases or neuro-derma disorders, so as to avoid burns, damaging the skin and scarring.


Rolled Moxa wool or cut moxa stick can be used here, placed close to the skin surface and on the needle before lighting it, commonly applied to chronic diseases, such as Omarthritis, Sciatica, Herpes Zoster, persistent Asthma, etc. Treatments are usually given once daily or every alternate day.


Direct moxibustion is used here, one consumed cone is known as “Zhuang”. Usually 3 zhuang to 7 zhuang is used. Some acupoints or conditions may use up to 500 zhuangs. This method is to create a tiny blistering / festers on the skin, inducing a sterile superficial immunity effect to reduce pain, dredge collaterals, stimulate interferon, production of anti-inflammatory enzymes, and increase immunity.

Suitable for low immune conditions, such as asthma, allergies, herpes zoster, arthritis, joints inflammation, geriatric problems, weakness, tumors, etc. Treatments are usually given two or three times a week.


Known as焠刺法, this is an ancient acupuncture technique by inserting hot needle into the affected area, often used in surgical conditions and arthritic inflamed joints. In order to achieve cell regeneration, superficial or old cells structures were broken down, similar to destroying the mutated cells. Eg., Warts, Pigmentation, deep tissue symptoms, allergic dermatitis, eczema,. Therapeutic course of treatments require two to five sittings.

毫针刺法—-调和阴阳 补虚泻实

Hao Zhen ( 毫针 ) or Filiform Needle is the most commonly used needle in the modern acupuncture developments. This form of acupuncture needles have been practiced worldwide by western trained acupuncturist. The techniques of the needle which include, insertion of the needle, manipulated the Yin and the Yang, reinforcing for the deficiency syndrome and reducing manipulations for the excess syndrome.. A skillful practitioner will be able to induce and direct vital energy (Qi) to the acupuncture points, the meridians and the related organs or disorder areas as to enhance the effects of the technique. Filiform Needle Acupuncture are considered remedies with potential to conquer symptoms related to all kinds of diseases, This technique can be used for all kinds of ailments.


Cutting Method is an ancient acupuncture technique by applying small needle-blades into affected location, hand, foot, or deep tissue. Suitable for various conditions related to the bones, joints, and cell renewals in wound healing. For example, in cancer cases, the immune system can be stimulated by applying the cutting method on Carcinoma points of the Foot.

In modern day acupuncture, normal or special acupuncture needles can be used to deal the same effect. It is better known as Acupuncture Microsurgery, a highly refined skill and is almost similar to modern medical concept that may cost many times more.

In certain conditions, needles were applied in quick insert and remove actions on acupoints. Example, 钩针(Gou Zhen) or Hook Needle as used for cutting, 芒针(Mang Zhen) or Long Needle as used in deep tissue acupuncture, or 雀啄术 Sparrow Pecking Needling Method, 报刺术 Trigger Needling Method in the deep acupoint, 沿皮刺法 (Yan Pi Ci Fa), applying needles along the skin. 骨刺法 (Gu Ci Fa), applying needles into the deep acupoint on the side of the bones.

The common syndrome among the cases where these techniques were applied is a combination of stagnation of Qi and Blood, obstructing the meridians and collaterals, leading to poor blood circulation, pain and numbness, malnutrition and weakness, further strains to the affected area.

Variety of bones and joints disorders, such as disease along the spinal column, frozen shoulders, arthritic inflammation, deformation, stiffness, pains and numbness, calculi, spurs, hyperosteogeny, immobility, etc., can be helped by using acupuncture microsurgery technique.

Sports or trauma injuries, chronic condition of wear and tear of joints, and post operative wound healing, hemorrhoids, low immune disorders such as asthma, can also be helped. Therapeutic course of treatments require about two to five sittings and it is advisable to consult Acupuncturist regarding this method of treatment.


Usually can be observed as row of 10 to 18 needles inserted along the surface area of the head, treatments arranged for once daily or alternate days. From the research gathered by many TCM and Acupuncture hospitals and practitioners, this method renders good results for post stroke hemiplagia, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral palsy, post operative paralysis, vertigo, and loss of speech, trigeminal neuralgia, and cerebellum imbalance.

Neurological function disorders such as chorea, intelligence, and epilepsy. Others such as organ prolapsed and abnormal uterine bleeding can also be helped using this method.

Opposing side will be used for treatment, such as treatment will be applied on the left head if the hemiplagia occur on the right.

For more details on this method, please refer to the relevant books written by various professors who are familiar with this technique, such as Dr Jiao Shunfa and Prof Mingqing Zhu.


Using Jia Ji points, or 两边 (Liang Bian), distributed on both sides of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar vertebrae, and can be observed as row of 18 to 28 needles inserted on either side, or observed as one straight row. Moxa cones or wool can be used too. Treatments can be applied daily or alternate days. Suitable for degenerative disorders, cervical spondylosis, inflammation of vertebrae, spinal column disorders, respiratory and blood vessels disorders, digestive disorders of liver and gall bladder, diabetes, myasthenia gravis, lower limbs paralysis, etc.

Applying the E System acupuncture theory, these sets of Jia Ji points can be used to treat the relative organs disorder along the path of spinal column, enabling the blood supply more nutrients to the acupoint and specific organs, and to enhance the body immune system.


Also known as bleeding method, this is another ancient technique, using acupuncture techniques to bleed or “drain”, usually to activate blood and Qi, reduce swelling, disperse stagnation, and detoxify cases of inflammation, reduction of heat in Excessive disorders, complements Acupuncture Microsurgery for the surface in necessary cases. Needling methods such as 梅花针or 七星针Therapeutic course of treatments require 1 to 3 sittings.

Three-Edged Needle apply blood letting for dispersing a stasis三棱针–手术排血/放血疗法 Suitable for various emergency conditions, using 三棱针 (San Ling Zhen, otherwise known as Three-Edged Needle) to perform blood letting technique for disperse, relief the condition. San Ling Zhen blood letting method can be applied on emergency conditions such as Acute Laryngitis, Tonsilitis, heat stroke, apoplexy, Acute Pain syndrome or acute low back pain. Also suitable for acute gastrointestinal inflammation, etc.

Distal acupoints such as finger tips can be selected to apply blood letting for dispersing a stasis, or stagnation. This is common in stroke conditions or cerebral hemorrhage.


Used in promoting circulation of blood and Qi, pain relief, reduce swelling, dispel cold and dampness, often used for arthritis of wind-cold-dampness, acute sprains, cold syndromes, wind syndromes, acute gastrointestinal pain. Local area usually becomes sore, flushed or bruised, and is considered normal and will disappear after some time.

Colour is used to define various conditions in the TCM theory. After removal of the cup, the location may have a bruise or colored circular mark, indication of the condition related to the acupoint, the location or even the related organ.

If it is observed to be red, it can be explained as Heat or Blockage in the meridians & collaterals or internal organs being overactive. Dark red colour, sometimes accompanied with slight swelling, is another indication of Qi and blood blockage and stagnation in the meridians and channels, commonly found in cases of external injury, eg., like a bad fall, sports injury or traumatic accident.

If the location is observed as yellow, may be due to wind and dampness, can be found in rheumatic arthritis conditions, 痹症 Bi-Syndrome, disorders in the joints, four limbs, and affecting the meridians, organs or distal joints.

Greenish Purple – Cold and dampness, commonly found with very poor micro-circulation or numbness, usually some stimulation such as tapping or massage is applied before putting on the cups.


Can be applied through various instruments such as Hanging, Box, or applied direct onto the needle. Indirectly over a piece of ginger, salt or garlic.

Within 24 hours after Acupuncture treatment, the response of endocrine to perform homeostasis is high but gradually disperses after 72 hours. Therefore, it is advisable to follow instructions on the next treatment.

Acute illness has to be treated intensively daily or twice a day to obtain the required results.

For chronic and complicated cases it is advisable to continue treatment for 10-15 sittings as a course, or if necessary, as many as 30 sittings in one treatment course.

Sittings for prevention treatment and health improvement could be arranged for once a month or special arrangement for prevention treatment for acute seasonal attacks of asthma, bronchitis asthma and pre-menopause syndromes.

ECIWO Acupuncture Therapy is the latest way to explain Acupuncture. It means “Embryo Containing Information of the Whole Organism”, and is based on the Bioholography Law and Pan-Embryo Therapy. When this therapy is applied, the organic hormone for homeostasis is influenced. The duration of every treatment is 20-45 minutes with a course of 1-15 sittings. Depending on individual response to the treatment, some cases may see improvements

In Acute or Early onset of symptoms, usually 1 to 3 acupoints are selected without strong stimulation, without retaining the needles, because the acupoints will normally experience strong reaction to the stimulation during these periods.

Chronic or needle phobic, or weak physical constitution, 5 to 7 acupoints, without strong stimulation retain 30 to 45 minutes; additional stimulation may be applied during intervals.

In certain cases, the course of meridians and collaterals were selected, by inserting needles on opposite direction with the points, facing each other. Usually found on four limbs, using up to 16 to 32 needles. This can serve as “locking” the acupoint, reinforce or even to reduce the treatment effect.

Except traumatic injuries, the Nature Cure theory can assist the human body’s immune system overcome any disease (from ageing to cell changes) caused by imbalance hormones of insufficient endocrine.

These conditions cause malfunction of the body’s immune system, resulting in weak resistance. This, in turn, causes individual cells to grow abnormally, according to turmoil- based, or TCM theory. This can be rectified with acupuncture treatment and acupuncture microsurgery has proven to be effective in stimulating the body to produce substances for overcoming illnesses, as well as delaying ageing.

Ordinary Acupuncture, ECIWO Acupuncture, ECIWO Medicine and Ancient Acupuncture surgery are considered remedies with potential to conquer symptoms related to all kinds of diseases. From the first diagnosis the patient will be advised on the numbers of treatment needed and will be closely observed and monitored during the course of treatment.

The conclusion that (except for cases like bone fracture, old age and collapse of the Yin and Yang disease) Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine based on the latest Embryonic ECIWO Therapy receives good response than conventional medicine and in comparison produces far fewer side effects it is the natural way of cure for sicknesses.

Modern View on the Theory of Channels, Collaterals, and Organs

A long time associate of mine, Dr Mikhail Teppone, send me his latest paper on the modern view of the theory of Channels, Collaterals, and organs.
I am re-posting his papers here, and if you are interested to find out more, please contact Dr Mikhail. His contact details can be found in at the end of the article.


The theory of Channels, Collaterals, and Organs is one of the most important but at the same time, one of the most difficult in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Do we need to preserve the original TCM lingo or is it possible to match the TCM terms with their equivalents in modern medicine? The authors review the main ideas about Channels and Organs theory and provide their own explanation.

We believe that ancient Chinese doctors understood the complexity of the human body and divided it into 2 morpho-funcional parts: cells and intercellular spaces. Through the theory of channels and Collaterals, those physicians described physiology and pathology of intercellular spaces and by the theory of Zang and Fu Organs, they described cellular physiology and pathology.

Key Words: Channels, Collaterals, Meridians, Organs, Cells, Intercellular Space


IN THE DEVELOPED WESTERN COUNTRIES, people are increasingly aware of different types of alternative medicine. Despite the growing interest, alternative medicine has not yet been integrated into the mainstream healthcare system. Therefore, still remaining are 2 separate forms of medical practice, Modern Western and Traditional Eastern or Chinese medicine.

No doubt perhaps, the future of medicine lies in the integration of modem technology and the extensive wisdom and experience of Eastern healing methodology. The main obstacle for such integration is the difference of views on the nature of human organism, methods of diagnosing and treatment, as well as vague terms used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Do we need to preserve the original TCM lingo or is it possible to match the TCM terms with their equivalents in modem medicine? Can we apply such terms as Yin and Yang, Five Elements, Excess/Deficiency, Heat, and Wind

interchangeably with those of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, various hormones, endorphins? After reading, our hope is that vague and unknown words will take on a new, deeper meaning in relation to the universal laws of nature and human development. Our desire is that TCM will become vital and accepted in the modern Western world.

According to the TCM theory of energy, Qi circulates through the human body via special pathways known as Channels and Coilaterals. This process supports normal organ and body functions. When disease occurs, the cause may be internal (hereditary or congenital Ql disorders, strong emotions, etc) or external (Wind, Heat, Cold, etc). Pathological conditions in TCM can be attributed to abnormal circulation of Qi and blood, which results in a state of excess or deficiency of organs and channels. Therapeutic methods used in TCM restore balance of Qi and blood between various points in the body.


The terms used in TCM first appeared in the ancient oriental philosophy and have very broad meanings. Modern science, on the contrary, employs terms with precise and exact definitions. Therefore, any attempt at literal translation of TCM terms into modern language directly would result in a loss of meaning and essence of that particular term. TCM theory can be represented as a simple mathematical model which would show the relationship between physiological and pathological laws of human organism. When we apply this model, where TCM terms and principles resemble elements of algebraic equation, we can understand an individual patient problem and find specific treatment approach. This is also true in cases of unknown etiology and pathogenesis where diagnosis and treatment are yet to be developed.


The skin of both human and animal is characterized by morphological and functional heterogeneity. The same is true for bodies of plants and insects. 1’2 In TCM, this heterogeneity is described as Acupoints, Skin Zones, Channels, and Collaterals.

Some publications on acupoints argue that there are no unusual morphological elements at the site of acupoints. Loose connective tissue with large numbers of nerve receptors, free nerve endings, extensive microcirculatory system, and cells with biologically active substances form the morphological basis for acupoints and intercellular connections, which include gap junctions. Gap junctions are microscopic
water channels that directly supply exchange of broad spectrum of nutrients between cytoplasm of tissue cells.3-7

Skin resistance varies from one to two Mega-ohms, but at the site of acupoint entrance, it decreases to 20—60 Kilo-ohms.8—ll Due to low resistance of skin at the site of acupoints, one may visualize them by a high voltage corona discharge device. Disruption of the electrical field has the highest value above low electric resistance points of the skin. At these areas, stimulated luminescence is observed on the dielectric medium (Figure I). 12

Besides electrical heterogeneity, acupoints have other specific characteristics such as low frequency oscillations (7—10 and 15 20 spontaneous visible light emission,14 increased accumulation of radioactive phosphorus, 15 increased sensitivity to high frequency electromagnetic radiation, 16’17 high conductivity or natural electromagnetic radiation from the sun, 18 etc.

This electrical heterogeneity of skin can still be detected during the first few days after death.2•19-21 However, due to autolytic processes occurring in the cell post mortem, the physical parameters of skin gradually equalize and electrical heterogeneity disappears.

Taking into account the above information—as well as the Chinese term for acupoint, kong xue, which means fissure or crevice—we can conclude that acupoints are places in the skin where connections between the epithelial cells are not tight, thus providing an entrance into the body. The site of acupoints contains large numbers of active elements, which make it a complex functional unit that provides interaction between internal body environments with its external surrounding (Figure 2).

System of Channels and Collaterals

Qi and blood Circulate in the human body along Channels and Collaterals. There are 12 main channels and their secondary vessels which supply normal function and defence of the human body by means of circulating Qi and blood.

Secondary vessels include Tendino-Muscular Channels, Luo Channels or Collaterals, Divergent Channels, and Curious or Extra Channels (Figure 3). Currently, there are 2 different views on channels. First, the channels themselves are non—existent; an imaginary line called ((meridian)) connects

functionally similar points; true connection between points is achieved through the function of the nervous and endocrine systems.22,23

Second, experimental data suggest the presence of a morphological relationship between the points of the same channel. For example, during acupuncture, the conduction along exact pathways of sensory reactions,24 electrical current,25,26warmth,27 visible light,28 and radioactive isotopes29 take

The modern science approach suggest the presence of correlation between structure and function of a biological object. Presently, no specific structure has been found to identify the channels. But, sometimes the absence of structures can make way for a new function. For example, the “door or window aperture,” “river bed,” or “gap” all provide conduction or passage.

The main function of the channels is to conduct: electrical current, warmth, light, etc so that Qi travels along the channel. Channels can best be described as a network of gaps stretching along the well known anatomical structures.

The inner channel walls are formed by the surfaces of muscles, bones, tendons, vessels, and cells. These channels are filled with fibrous connective tissue, electrolytes, and structured water molecules.30’31 We presume that to be sufficient to ensure Qi conduction.

This theory is supported by the research of Korean physician Kim Bon Chan32 as well as the description found in the ancient book of the famous Chinese physician, Li Shi Zhen: ‘the inside of a human body contains tunnels and one, who mentally looks within self, can illuminate them.”33

Experimental data reveal that informational interaction between cells is achieved through the electromagnetic field at the range of 1 X 1010 Hz 28,34 From physics, we know that only wave-guides or dielectric wave-guides can conduct these high frequency waves. Impulses of relatively low frequency are conducted by the nervous system, but high frequency signals are conducted by the system of “gaps” or
wave-guides. Thus, the channels are the only possible entities that can transmit high frequency impulses produced by cells. Theoretical and experimental data show that channels can act as weave-guides to conduct electromagnetic waves 1,28
of various ranges.

Possibly, channels and collaterals form the oldest independent regulatory system of humans and animals.35-37 Morphological simplicity of channels is the reason why they have not been identified. In the words of a biologist, “channel system is too primitive in a view of modern biology.”38

Though basic, the channel system connects other more complex regulatory systems and provides interaction of inner organs with outside environment.

Based on the above, we can conclude that by using the theory of channels and collaterals, ancient Chinese doctors described physiology and pathology of intercellular spaces and body cavities (Figure 4).39

One may attempt to find correlation between channels, secondary vessels, and intercellular spaces of various anatomical structures, but this correlation would be more functional than anatomical. Depending on the disease and its sequence, disorders of organs and tissues can be linked to various channel structures. For example, in the event of inflammation of skin and subcutaneous tissue characterized
by inflammatory symptoms such as localized redness, hyperthermia, hyperesthesia, edema, and pain exacerbated by pressure, this type of abnormality can be described as “Excess of the Tendino-MuscuIar” channel. If skin changes its integrity, as when a keloid scar or ulcer is present, this would point to a disorder of the Luo channel.

Governor Vessel is a typical example of the gap model of a channel. It originates in the kidney, extends down to the perineum through the uterus or prostate gland, and then, one of the main branches ascends through the vertebral column. The point of GV 16 (Fong Fu) gives birth to the branch, which enters the skull. Its main pathway lies through the top of the head and ends at the upper lip.

What is an anatomical equivalent of the Governor Vessel: spinal chord or vertebral column? We believe that Governor Vessel is a vertebral channel; GV 16 (Fong Fu) corresponds to Foramen Magnum at the occipital bone.

Therefore, the branch of Governor Vessel penetrating the skull is the extension of the vertebral channel into the skull through Foramen Magnum (Figure 5).

In much the same way, we can analyze Conception Vessel and describe its relationship to the chest, abdominal, and pelvic cavities. Therefore, both Governor and Conception Vessels are cavities themselves, regulating the function of their respective organs.

Hence, channels are not organs, tissues, or cells but various body cavities. This approach is not yet integrated in modern Western medicine.


TCM distinguishes 12 main organs in the human body: Lung, Spleen, Heart, Kidney, Liver, Pericardium, Stomach, Large Intestine, Small Intestine, Gallbladder, Bladder, and “Triple Energizer” (San Jiao). The first 6 belong to viscera or Zang (solid) organs; the other 6 belong to hollow or Fu
(hollow) organs. These organs are divided into Yin-Yang related pairs, which form one of the Five Elements.

Zang or dense organs have inner cavities (bronchus, bileducts, renal calyx, pelvis, etc and correspond to Fu or hollow organs (Figure 6). At the same time, Fu organs have solid walls, which correspond to the Zang organs (Figure 6).

Thus, Zang organs contain Fu properties inside, and Fu organs contain Zang properties outside. Therefore, a renal calculus is actually located in the Bladder Channel and peptic ulcer will need treatment of the Spleen Channel.

The term organ in TCM involves much broader meaning than an anatomical formation. All cells contain standard components like nucleus, mitochondria, Golgi complex, endoplasmic reticulum, etc. Each organelle possesses certain inherent functions. Function of oxidative phosphorylation and synthesis of ATP molecules is carried out in mitochondria; synthesis and transport of proteins takes place in endoplasmic reticulum; Golgi complex is responsible for the accumulation of proteins, synthesis of polysaccharides, and
more complex substances; the function Of regulation of differentiation, development, and death of cells belongs to the nucleus (Figure 7).

In the majority of cells, it is possible to allocate the function of breathing, which corresponds to the lung;
function of synthesis and storage of complex substance, which is appropriate for endocrine glands and the liver; and function of regulation of cell age, corresponding to
the kidneys, etc.

Thus, the concept of organ in TCM includes the set Of cellular and intracellular structures that carry out certain functions. For example, Lung involves all structures that facilitate diffusion and transport of gases (02 and C02) as well as oxidative phosphorylation and synthesis of ATP molecules. Therefore, regardless of the cause of “breathlessness” or shortness of breath from the modern perspective, the points on the channel of Lung are used to treat it.


Since the time acpuncture was introduced in the United States and Europe, discussion and debate about the nature of “acupoints, channels,” and “collaterals” has continued. There have been fewer questions about “organs,” perhaps, because of appearing like classic organs from the modern
point of view.

Scientific medicine made a large step ahead when R. Virchow claimed that disease was pathology of cells, but at the same time, any extracellular disorders were almost ignored or deemed “functional diseases.” Conceivably, the conception of “cellular medicine” was a reason why Traditional Chinese Medicine’s ideas about “holes, channels,” or “tunnels” distributed into the human body have been hard to become accepted.

Thus, the concept of organ in TCM includes the set of cellular and intracellular structures that carry out certain functions. For example, Lung involves all structures that facilitate diffusion and transport of gases (02 and C02) as well as oxidative phosphorylation and synthesis of ATP molecules. Therefore, regardless of the cause of “breathlessness” or shortness of breath from the modern perspective, the points on the channel of Lung are used to treat it.


We believe that ancient Chinese doctors understood the complexity of the human body and divided it into 2 morpho-functional parts: cells and intercellular spaces. Through the theory of “Channels and Collaterals,” those ancients described physiology and pathology of intercellular spaces. By the theory of “Zang and Fu Organs,” they described cellular physiology and pathology.39


We wish to thank Oxana Teppone-Martin, RN, BSN, CCRN, who helped to translate this article from Russian into English.

Address correspondence and reprint requests to:
Mikhail Teppone. MD, DAC
AcuTech International. Inc.
4866 Bathurst Street, Suite 508
North York, ,Vf2R IX4



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ECIWO Biology Medicine

ECIWO Biology

E-System Of Acupuncture

Dr. Ac. T.T. Ang

A person may suffer from heart diseases, liver diseases, or diseases of other organs. How do you prevent, improve or counter these health problems without using modern medication? In this aspect, I would like to share with you about my 30 years of clinical experience in treating with Herbs And Food Cure Therapy System base on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) concepts further supported with the latest ECIWO concept.

When the body suffers malfunction or an injury, ECIWO healing system including herb and food cure remedy and acupuncture can assist body repair. The following chart shows a body healing system, based on this concept:


Body Healing System by ECIWO Concept

If the heart suffers an malfunction or an injury, the ECIWO Biology Medicine or ECIWO Acupuncture can be applied to stimulate the heart organs. The heart then communicates with the small intestine, prolonging the vital energy force within the blood vessel, tissue of the eyes and the brain. This, in turn, influence the facial complexion with a reddish colour.

1.The Heart communicates to the Small Intestine and prolonging the vital energy force within the blood vesse, tissue of the eyes and the brain. They will influence the facial complexion with a reddish color. Reading and understanding the organ force and function can be read through the tongue. ECIWO Biology medicine & acupuncture stressed that selection of the food, herb or acupoint which has strong influence to the heart and small intestine providing continuous growth for the particular organs.

If the liver suffers malfunction and an injury, the ECIWO Biology Medicine & ECIWO acupuncture can be applied to stimulate the liver organs. The liver then communicates with the gall bladder, prolonging the life force of the eyes, the inner portions of the vertex, tendon and nail. This, in turn, influences the facial complexion with a greenish colour.

2.The Liver communicates to the Gall. Life force will prolong to the tendon and nail and they will influence the eyes and facial complexion with a greenish color.Reading and understanding the organ force and function can be read through the eyes. ECIWO Biology Medicine & Acupuncture stressed that the selection of the food, herb or acupoint which has strong influence to the liver and gall bladder providing continuous growth for the particular organs.

If the spleen suffers an injury, we can use ECIWO system or ECIWO acupuncture to stimulate the spleen organs. The spleen then communicates with the stomach, prolonging the growth force of the muscle tissues. This, in turn, influences the eyelids, mouth and facial complexion with a yellowish colour.

3. The spleen communicates to the Stomach and prolonging the growing force to the muscle and soft tissues. They will influence the eyelids, mouth and facial complexion with a yellowish color. Reading and understanding the organ force and function can be observed through the mouth and lips. ECIWO Biology Medicine and acupuncture stressed that the selection of the food, herb or acupoint which has strong influence to the spleen and stomach provides continuous growth for the particular organs.

If the lung suffers an injury, we can use ECIWO system or ECIWO acupuncture to stimulate the lung points. The liver would communicates with the large intestine, prolonging the energy force on the skin and body surface, This, in turn, influences the facial complexion with a whitish colour. Examination of the nose would indicate this organ force.

4. The Lung communicates to the Large Intestine and prolonging the energy force on the skin, hair and body surface. They will influence the facial complexion with a whitish color. Reading and understanding the organ force and function can be obtained from the nose.

If the kidney suffers an injury, we can use ECIWO system ECIWO acupuncture to stimulate the kidney. The Kidney then communicates with the urinary bladder, prolonging the vital force in t the hair and nerve system. This, in turn, influences the facial complexion with a blackish colour. Examination of the ears would indicate this organ force.

5. The Kidney communicates to the Urinary Bladder and prolonging vital force in the growing of bones, hair and nerve system. They will influence the facial complexion with a blackish color. Reading the understanding the organ force and function can be obtained from the ear.

Chart B shows the infection impairment of the body

By using positive stimulation massage, the injured part of the body can be repaired by self-adjustments of body’s immune system.

When there are functional disorders in the body, using ECIWO therapy, herbs or acupuncture massage will stimulate a response by the endocrine system. If Embryo System of herb therapy is used, remittance of the immune system will occur. The body, in turn, responds by carrying out self-adjustments.

When there is endocrine or organ disturbances, using ECIWO acupuncture and ECIWO or herb therapy will stimulate the balance of the body.

When there are tumors or cancers, Acupuncture-Micro surgery will be used to bring balance to the homeostatic system of the body. Otherwise, these diseases could result in the collapse of the Yin and Yang, which could be fatal.


T.T. Ang Chinese Nature Cure System
The Embryo System of Chinese Traditional Medicine & Acupuncture

Chart C shows the disharmony of the interior and exterior

By using positive stimulation, the upper portion of the trunk can carry out self-adjustments. This, in turn, leads to the elimination of symptoms like headache, sore throat, cough, asthma, pneumonia, dyspnea, cardiac pain, anxiety, mental disorder, and, metallic disorder, through the use of ECIWO, herb therapy or/and ECIWO acupuncture.

When it is used on the middle portion of the trunk, positive stimulation can lead to self-adjustments of that portion. Subsequently, ECIWO, hers therapy or/and ECIWO acupuncture will be able to counter symptoms like migraine, tinnitus, otitis media, deafness, blindness, angina pectoris, costal neuralgia, cholecystitis, hepatitis, and diabetes mellitus.

The lower portion of the trunk can also self-adjust after receiving positive stimulation. ECIWO, herb therapy or/and ECIWO acupuncture will then be used to prevent and eliminate symptoms like sore throat, deafness, poor vision, loss of hair, arthritis, spondylitis, neuritis lumbago, weakness of lower limb, nephritis, cystitis, impotence, menopathy, anusitis, hemorrhoid, diabetes mellitus, and metabolic disorder.

Open Chart

By using ECIWO herb pan-embryo system and acupuncture, and qigong healing, the immune system disorders, functional failures, and tumours or cancers can be helped by the self-adjustments of the immune system and homeostatic system. Otherwise, the disharmony of the interior and exterior will, eventually, lead to death.


From my many years of experience and my understanding of the latest Chinese Nature-cure System, I strongly recommend the above-mentioned methods and concepts. I am very hopeful of the future of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. Their alternative system of treatment is natural and highly effective. Moreover, the treatment with these methods is much more economical. In short, ECIWO Embryo System of Chinese medicine and Acupuncture will greatly benefit human kind.

ECIWO Acupuncture Case Study – Compilation 02

case studies

Dr. Rackow
86482 Aystetten, Gartenstrasse 14A, Germany

I had been to Düsseldorf in 1997 and Koln in 1998. In 1999, I attended the T T Ang ECIWO-System Seminar in Singapore on two occasions. In May 1999, I had successfully gone through a course on ECIWO Clinical Observation Training at Chinese Nature-Cure Institute.

I have mastered the practical technique of ECIWO-System in the treatment and with this ECIWO-System, my treatment brought out pleasant results.

I have treated various types of heart and lung vascular diseases, eye diseases and cervical or lumbar vertebra symptom through the ECIWO-System for many years. Below are some of the similar diseases of which I had treated before.


Mrs. Obweger M. Austria Date: 25.5.35

Diagnose From The Local Hospital And Local Doctors:

Migraine, Thrombosis & Pancreas Disabilities

Mrs Obweger suffers from migraine with vomiting, thrombosis and pancreas disabilities since 35 years ago.

There was no sufficient treatment available from all local doctors and hospitals. The patient was in a desolate life.

Treatment And Course:

The first treatment with bioresonance-therapy allergy of milk and wheat. After the treatment, the patient’s condition was improved, but not sufficient. At the same time, Mrs Obweger was required to change her eating habit, which would improve her health condition.

One day, she came to me by train. Upon arrival, she felt extreme headache. I gave her one ECIWO Acupuncture treatment with additional Lidocain on the tibia and head point. Within seconds, her headache was gone.

Mrs Obweger was very surprised and happy. After completing 7 days of treatments with ECIWO-Point on head and pancreas areas, she felt good with no relapse thereafter.

Miss C. Reisner Augsburg Date: 7.9.69

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

PMS & Depression

Treatment and Course:

After several times with ECIWO Acupuncture treatments at the lower abdomen point, combined with periost-acupuncture for 15 seconds on spina illiaca anterior superior and to the symphysis, the PMS was gone and the depression was improved tremendously.

A few months later, she found a new employment on Mallorca Island. She wrote me a thank you letter and told me that I was her angel in the last two years.

Mr. Alois Obweger Austria Date: 30.3.38

Diagnose From The Local Private Doctor And Local Hospital In Austria:

Cardiac Infraction

Treatment And Course:

Mr. Obweger was hospitalised twice for several weeks. Each time for 10 days in intensive care. The Professor in-charge suggested he should undergo bypass operation, but the patient refused.

During the hospitalisation, the patient received treatment only with Heparin and Sedativum. The patient refused to take the tasteless food from the hospital and he requested to have his natural food prepared privately.

After a few weeks, Mr. Obweger came to my clinic in a very bad health condition. He could not walk without extreme pain in his chest and he had difficulty in breathing. I had to supply him with oxygen immediately. Mr. Obweger was advised to come for 7 days of ECIWO Acupuncture treatments (heart and stomach point), twice a day on the 2.MCB and the tibia with chickenleg needling.

Also, he needed to have 4 times bloodletting treatments for thromboses (microbiology). Besides, Mr Obweger was required to come for an oxygen-more-purpose-therapy for 2 hours a day from Prof. Dr. V.Ardenne.

After the treatment, Mr Obweger went back to Austria with an advice to take various types of herbal medicine. Two months after the first treatment, the patient came back to me to continue with another 9 days of ECIWO Acupuncture treatments.

10 days after the first treatment, the patient is able to join an easy mountain climbing trip without having any problems.

5 months later, the patient was cured and started to take the long-run-training.

Mrs. Landthaler Illertissen Date: 23.2.28

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Persistent Cough

Permanent coughing and itching in the sternum region, probably caused by an irritation of the trachea.

Treatment And Course:

After two ECIWO Acupuncture treatments at lung point with needle retention for 15 seconds and one needle to the sternum periost, Mrs. Landthaler found that her coughing was immediately gone. She became a recipe for a heart remedy later.

Mrs. Schmid Austria Date: 12.3.40

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Haemoglobinurie Paroxysmale & Thrombosis

Haemoglobinurie Paroxysmale – very high and thrombosis.

Treatment And Course:

Mrs Schmid suffered from “thrombosis-risk”and she came to the clinic for acupuncture treatment. The treatment was divided into 2 steps.

First step, thrombosis with microbiology injections. Second step, “ECIWO kidney and bladder point”- eight treatments within four days. After the treatments, the paroxysmale haemoglobinurie was gone.

Also, what was most surprising was her infected tooth with pus (treatment resistance since months) was cured with this treatment. We were very surprised. Mrs Schmid came for thrombosis treatments for another 4 – 6 weeks and during this period, she had her urine examined regularly.


Mr. Frei M. Germany Date: 19.1.30

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Macula Degeneration & Diabetes

Mr. Frei could not read and recognise me. The patient took Insulin for his diabetes and there is no treatment for macula degeneration. Anyway, there is no sufficient treatment for macula degeneration by Western doctors.

Treatment And Course:

Mr. Frei got a new natural medication for his diabetes. A few weeks after he has taken the new medication, his diabetes stopped. There was no need for him to take Insulin anymore. Mr Frei was also given 3 ECIWO Acupuncture treatments in order to improve his bloodstream and a prevention against thrombosis. Besides, Mr Frei was required to change his eating habit by taking more natural and fresh food.

ECIWO – Treatment on 2 + 3 MCB – leg – footsole – 6 days – twice a day.

After the treatment, the foggy sight was gone and Mr Frei could read big letters and could recognise me. He was really happy with the treatment results and he has introduced many patients to me. Mr Frei needed to repeat the treatment for a few weeks.

Mrs. Schaller K. Höchstätten Date: 2.3.25

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Diabetes & Macula Degeneration

A reading test showed that Mrs. Schaller could not read at all.

Treatment And Course:

First, I advised Mrs Schaller to change her eating habit as she was much overweight.
Second, she became a recipe for new remedies to support the diabetes.

The patient’s diabetes improved so much that she was able to walk longer distance.

The Insulin test showed a reduction of 2/3 and the pain in her legs subsided. 6 treatments with ECIWO-Acupuncture on 2 MCB leg, foot and head points. After the treatment, the reading test showed a clear improvement.

Mrs. Schaller’s situation had stabilised and she was required to come for another 6 treatments to improve her vision capabilities.

Mrs. H. Kohnen Wörselen Date: 26.2.20

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Macula Degeneration – Virtually Blind

All doctors and hospitals had no treatment for this disease. Mrs. Kohnen is a mother of two doctors.

Treatment And Course:

This case is my biggest success with ECIWO-Acupuncture!

My Diagnosis:
Blood status strong thrombosis, pancreas insufficiency, liver intoxication, vertebral torsinones, luxatio congenita coxae 2 cm left leg and scolioses.

ECIWO-Acupuncture was given on 2 MCB liver and eye points – simultaneous leg and foot points.

After 4 days, Mrs. Kohnen could see me and 7 days later, she could read newspaper with her glasses on. A few months later, Mrs Kohnen came for a second treatment. The luxatio and the column were treated and they were completely cured. She had a prescription for liver and pancreas insufficient.

After the treatment, Mrs. Kohnen was able to travel home by railway on her own. The patient and I were so happy with the treatment results.


Mrs. Däubler R. Germany Date: 22.1.57

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Intervertebral Disc Prolapsed

Intervertebral disc prolapsed, LWS 7-5, serious problems during walking and during the night. At the same time, BWS 5-7 torsion and blockade of the vertebras with pain in these areas. These problems caused the patient extremely unpleasant.

Treatment And Course:

Mrs. Däubler received a primary treatment from a normal orthopaedic doctor with little success. After a few weeks, she came to my clinic for acupuncture treatment. Mrs. Däubler had 3 treatments of ECIWO Acupuncture (hip and chest area only at the fibula) and Lidocain in the treatment.

Within seconds after the treatment, she felt no pain at all. The vertebral torsion was treated manually. After the treatment, the spinal column was straight and back to normal position. Mrs. Däubler was happy with the treatment results and she introduced many of her friends to me.

Mrs. Pfitscher B. Italy Date: 3.3.59

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Neck and Chest Column Pain

Mrs. Pfitscher was in a state of unconsciousness while bending forward. She felt pain in her neck and chest column. She received treatment from a clinic in Italy and Austria but was ineffective. She suspected that she was going to lose her job as a teacher.

Treatment And Course:

Two treatments for 3 weeks, with 5 days as an interval in between the treatment – twice a day (ECIWO neck, chest and liver points on the 2 MCB and tibia with chickenleg needling). Some medication were applied to improve her immune system and detoxification.

After the two treatments, Mrs. Pfitscher went back to Italy without any symptoms and she could start working again.

Mr. Dikta A. Germany Date: 28.7.54

Diagnose From the Local Doctors And Hospital:

Hip Joint Pain

Mr. Dikta has extreme pain in his hip area for about 25 years! He received treatments from local doctors but the results were ineffective. He was about to lose his job.

Treatment And Course:

Two treatments with ECIWO Acupuncture on 2 MCB and tibia. One treatment at the tibia with Lidocain. In addition, Mr. Dikta also applied two different types of oil for muscle relaxation. He feels good now and he can keep his job.

Ms. Rubner Angelika Augsburg Date: 27.2.71

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Neck Rigidity

Ms. Angelika had stiff neck with extreme pain in her neck and shoulder region. The doctors told her that she had no migraine and the position of the vertebral are in upright position. She did not receive any treatments from the hospitals.

Ms. Angelika had taken X-ray for her neck and shoulder region and the doctor sent her to a special neck massage and gymnastic. During the first treatment, Ms. Rubner Angelika complained that the pain became worse and the treatment had to be stopped immediately. After the incident, she came to me for acupuncture treatment.

Treatment And Course:

The patient had ECIWO Acupuncture (neck point on 2 MCB and tibia), an infrared and irradiation for the neck region. After a few seconds, the pain vibration on the neck, shoulder and vertebral were gone. The next day, Ms. Angelika repeated the same treatment. Finally, she was cured. She was satisfied with the treatment result and no treatments were required after that.

Miss B. Deschler Scherstetten Date: 18.3.74

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Back, Shoulder, Knee & Sciatica Pain

Miss Deschler received treatments from the local orthopaedic doctors with no effective results.

Treatment And Course:

The problem was caused by a luxatio congenita coxae with columntorsions and scoliosis. The column and hip problems were cured manually. ECIWO Acupuncture was given on the waist and leg points.

Miss Deschler was very weak. She needed to have 100% oxygen supply during the acupuncture treatment and a prescription of biological medicine. The treatment was successful and Miss Deschler was cured. She celebrated her wedding ceremony a few weeks later without feeling pain at all.

Mr. A. Körner Ingolstadt

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Lower Spinal and Thumb Pain

Hypermobility with pain in lower spinal column and thumb.
There was no effective treatment from the local doctors and hospitals.

Treatment And Course:

The ECIWO Acupuncture treatments were given to the waist point on 2 MCB and also to the thumb, combined with one point needled by Prof. Dr. Mann, London (Discover of Periost-Acupuncture) on the elbow (Periost-Acupuncture-Point for arm and heart region). After the treatment, the pain in her thumb was gone.

Mrs. Körner introduced her mother to me who had back pain and eyes disabilities. After one treatment, she had to travel back to Aachen, which is 700km far away. However, she still keeps in touch with me to let me her health condition. Mrs. Körner and her daughter will come back to me for a consultation and treatment in the next coming holidays.