About Herb Ren Shen (Ginseng)


Rén Shen (Ginseng)

Ginseng (Ren Shen) is a popular herbal tonic that combat fatigue and boosts our immune-system function. The botanical name is known as Panax ginseng C. A. Mey. and the Pharm. name is Radix Ginseng. The plant’s medicinal portion is the root, tasted sweet and slightly bitter. It is warm in property and enters the lung, spleen and heart organs and its meridians.


  1. To replenish the Qi (vital energy)
  2. To promote the secretion of body fluids
  3. To tonify the spleen and lung
  4. Sedative, cardiotonic and anti-fatigue


  1. Shock and prostration
  2. Diarrhea and loss of appetite due to the hypofunction of the spleen
  3. Dehydration, diabetes
  4. Palpitation, insomnia, forgetfulness
  5. Fatigue, extreme weakness


For a person with true heat and pathogenic fever factors

Chemical Component:

Panaxosides, essential oil (panacene, panaxynol), saponin (ginsenoside), protopanaxadiol, protopanaxatriol. Recommended Dosage: 3-9 gm. (30gm. For shock)

Pharm. Action:

  1. Action on the central nervous system:
    • Balance the excitatory and inhibitory process of the cerebral cortex
    • Enhance the conditioned reflex
    • Increase the ability of analysis
    • Reduce fatigue – can prolong the swimming time of rats
  2. Influence on the response of the organism:
    • Similar action as the adaptogen – can increase the defence ability of the organism
    • Prevent the febrile action caused by injection of vaccines in rabbits
    • Increase the process of healing in injury situations
    • Reduce the toxicity of certain chemicals
    • Anti-histamine – no significant anti-histamine reaction
  3. Action on the endocrine system:
    • Excitatory action on the pituitary-adrenal cortex system
      • increase the function on the adrenal cortex system
      • increase the immunity response to outside stimuli
      • increase the resistance to diseases
    • Stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more sex hormones
    • Increase the function of the thyroid in a short period if a large dosage of ginseng is given to the rabbits
    • Anti-diuretic – action similar to dehydroxycortisone
  4. Action on the metabolism:
    • Reduce blood sugar – synergistic action with insulin
    • Regulate the metabolism of cholesterol – prevent the incidence of hypercholesterolemia
    • Increase appetite and absorption of the digestive system
    • Increase the synthesis of protein ribose and nuleic acid
  5. Action on the circulatory system:
    • Cardiac tonic – action similar to cardiac glycoside. A small dosage can increase the contraction of heart, but a large dosage can cause toxic reaction.
    • Stimulate the production of red and white blood cells
  6. Action on the reticuloendothelial system:
    • Increase the immune response of the body
    • Stimulate the production of immunoglobulins
    • Increase the production of white blood cells and prevent the decrease of wbc.
    • Increase the production of lymphocytes and promote the transformation of lymphoblast
  7. Anti-anaphylaxis:
    • Prevent anaphylactic shock caused by horse serum
    • Significant inhibition on allergic edema

(reference : The handbook of Chinese Herbs)

Ginseng Actions & indication

Invigorating primordial qi, tranquilizing the mind, improving wisdom, promoting the production of body fluid to quench thirst, tonifying the spleen and lung and delaying senility. It is used for : (1) Debility due to severe and long-standing diseases; (2) Magersucht, poor appetite and loose stool; (3) Insomnia, amnesia, palpitation and severe palpitation, etc.

Direction and Dosage 

Take 3 grams of ginseng slice orally, once a day, Or, take 5-10 grams for decoction, which is to be taken in several doses.


It is contraindicated for those with excess syndromes, heat syndromes and sufficient vital-qi, black false hellebore, faeces trogopterorum or Chinese honey locust should be avoided to be used together with ginseng. Ginseng efficacy may be reduced if one drinks tea or has radish during administration period.

Contemporary Study Summary

1. Chemical Compositions

Ginseng contains panaxosides, panacene, panaxynol, Panax acid, prositisol, choline, amino acid, peptide, panose A,B,C glucose, fructose, maltose, vitamins B1, B2, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid and trace elements as Ge, Sr and Rb, etc

2. Main Pharmacological Actions

(1) Anti-senility and prolong life, (2) Anti-fatigue; (3) Strengthen the heart; (4) Improve immune
function; (5) Stimulate marrow hemopoiesis and liver detoxification; (6) Improve adaptability.

Toxicological Study

“Ginseng abuse syndrome” may be induced if one had a long period of continuing consumption of big dosage. One consumption of extremely big dosage may lead to death.

(reference : The Collection of Ageing Delaying Traditional Chinese Medicines With Color Illustration)

Other Indications:

Taxation damage with low food intake and lassitude; stomach reflux; efflux diarrhea; vacuity cough with rapid, distressed, dyspneic breathing; spontaneous sweating; fulminant desertion; fright palpitation; dizziness; impotence; frequent urination; uterine bleeding; chronic fright wind; enduring vacuity; insufficiency of qi, blood, and fluids.

(Source : The Illustrated Chinese Materia Medica, page 40)

Used for gastric carcinoma, lung cancer, carcinoma of esphagus, mammary cancer, tumor, carcinoma of uterus, malignant lymphoma.

(reference : Kang Ai Zhi Wu Yao Ji Qi Yang Fang, page 19.)

Also used for Hodgkin’s disease, chorionic epithelioma, acute lymphocytic leukemia, acute monocytic leukemia, lymphocarcinoma, reticulum cell sarcoma, hypertension and primary thrombocytopenic purpura. External application for burns.

(reference : Kang Ai Zhong Yao, Page 14.)

ECIWO Acupuncture Case Study – Compilation 02

case studies

Dr. Rackow
86482 Aystetten, Gartenstrasse 14A, Germany

I had been to Düsseldorf in 1997 and Koln in 1998. In 1999, I attended the T T Ang ECIWO-System Seminar in Singapore on two occasions. In May 1999, I had successfully gone through a course on ECIWO Clinical Observation Training at Chinese Nature-Cure Institute.

I have mastered the practical technique of ECIWO-System in the treatment and with this ECIWO-System, my treatment brought out pleasant results.

I have treated various types of heart and lung vascular diseases, eye diseases and cervical or lumbar vertebra symptom through the ECIWO-System for many years. Below are some of the similar diseases of which I had treated before.


Mrs. Obweger M. Austria Date: 25.5.35

Diagnose From The Local Hospital And Local Doctors:

Migraine, Thrombosis & Pancreas Disabilities

Mrs Obweger suffers from migraine with vomiting, thrombosis and pancreas disabilities since 35 years ago.

There was no sufficient treatment available from all local doctors and hospitals. The patient was in a desolate life.

Treatment And Course:

The first treatment with bioresonance-therapy allergy of milk and wheat. After the treatment, the patient’s condition was improved, but not sufficient. At the same time, Mrs Obweger was required to change her eating habit, which would improve her health condition.

One day, she came to me by train. Upon arrival, she felt extreme headache. I gave her one ECIWO Acupuncture treatment with additional Lidocain on the tibia and head point. Within seconds, her headache was gone.

Mrs Obweger was very surprised and happy. After completing 7 days of treatments with ECIWO-Point on head and pancreas areas, she felt good with no relapse thereafter.

Miss C. Reisner Augsburg Date: 7.9.69

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

PMS & Depression

Treatment and Course:

After several times with ECIWO Acupuncture treatments at the lower abdomen point, combined with periost-acupuncture for 15 seconds on spina illiaca anterior superior and to the symphysis, the PMS was gone and the depression was improved tremendously.

A few months later, she found a new employment on Mallorca Island. She wrote me a thank you letter and told me that I was her angel in the last two years.

Mr. Alois Obweger Austria Date: 30.3.38

Diagnose From The Local Private Doctor And Local Hospital In Austria:

Cardiac Infraction

Treatment And Course:

Mr. Obweger was hospitalised twice for several weeks. Each time for 10 days in intensive care. The Professor in-charge suggested he should undergo bypass operation, but the patient refused.

During the hospitalisation, the patient received treatment only with Heparin and Sedativum. The patient refused to take the tasteless food from the hospital and he requested to have his natural food prepared privately.

After a few weeks, Mr. Obweger came to my clinic in a very bad health condition. He could not walk without extreme pain in his chest and he had difficulty in breathing. I had to supply him with oxygen immediately. Mr. Obweger was advised to come for 7 days of ECIWO Acupuncture treatments (heart and stomach point), twice a day on the 2.MCB and the tibia with chickenleg needling.

Also, he needed to have 4 times bloodletting treatments for thromboses (microbiology). Besides, Mr Obweger was required to come for an oxygen-more-purpose-therapy for 2 hours a day from Prof. Dr. V.Ardenne.

After the treatment, Mr Obweger went back to Austria with an advice to take various types of herbal medicine. Two months after the first treatment, the patient came back to me to continue with another 9 days of ECIWO Acupuncture treatments.

10 days after the first treatment, the patient is able to join an easy mountain climbing trip without having any problems.

5 months later, the patient was cured and started to take the long-run-training.

Mrs. Landthaler Illertissen Date: 23.2.28

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Persistent Cough

Permanent coughing and itching in the sternum region, probably caused by an irritation of the trachea.

Treatment And Course:

After two ECIWO Acupuncture treatments at lung point with needle retention for 15 seconds and one needle to the sternum periost, Mrs. Landthaler found that her coughing was immediately gone. She became a recipe for a heart remedy later.

Mrs. Schmid Austria Date: 12.3.40

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Haemoglobinurie Paroxysmale & Thrombosis

Haemoglobinurie Paroxysmale – very high and thrombosis.

Treatment And Course:

Mrs Schmid suffered from “thrombosis-risk”and she came to the clinic for acupuncture treatment. The treatment was divided into 2 steps.

First step, thrombosis with microbiology injections. Second step, “ECIWO kidney and bladder point”- eight treatments within four days. After the treatments, the paroxysmale haemoglobinurie was gone.

Also, what was most surprising was her infected tooth with pus (treatment resistance since months) was cured with this treatment. We were very surprised. Mrs Schmid came for thrombosis treatments for another 4 – 6 weeks and during this period, she had her urine examined regularly.


Mr. Frei M. Germany Date: 19.1.30

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Macula Degeneration & Diabetes

Mr. Frei could not read and recognise me. The patient took Insulin for his diabetes and there is no treatment for macula degeneration. Anyway, there is no sufficient treatment for macula degeneration by Western doctors.

Treatment And Course:

Mr. Frei got a new natural medication for his diabetes. A few weeks after he has taken the new medication, his diabetes stopped. There was no need for him to take Insulin anymore. Mr Frei was also given 3 ECIWO Acupuncture treatments in order to improve his bloodstream and a prevention against thrombosis. Besides, Mr Frei was required to change his eating habit by taking more natural and fresh food.

ECIWO – Treatment on 2 + 3 MCB – leg – footsole – 6 days – twice a day.

After the treatment, the foggy sight was gone and Mr Frei could read big letters and could recognise me. He was really happy with the treatment results and he has introduced many patients to me. Mr Frei needed to repeat the treatment for a few weeks.

Mrs. Schaller K. Höchstätten Date: 2.3.25

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Diabetes & Macula Degeneration

A reading test showed that Mrs. Schaller could not read at all.

Treatment And Course:

First, I advised Mrs Schaller to change her eating habit as she was much overweight.
Second, she became a recipe for new remedies to support the diabetes.

The patient’s diabetes improved so much that she was able to walk longer distance.

The Insulin test showed a reduction of 2/3 and the pain in her legs subsided. 6 treatments with ECIWO-Acupuncture on 2 MCB leg, foot and head points. After the treatment, the reading test showed a clear improvement.

Mrs. Schaller’s situation had stabilised and she was required to come for another 6 treatments to improve her vision capabilities.

Mrs. H. Kohnen Wörselen Date: 26.2.20

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Macula Degeneration – Virtually Blind

All doctors and hospitals had no treatment for this disease. Mrs. Kohnen is a mother of two doctors.

Treatment And Course:

This case is my biggest success with ECIWO-Acupuncture!

My Diagnosis:
Blood status strong thrombosis, pancreas insufficiency, liver intoxication, vertebral torsinones, luxatio congenita coxae 2 cm left leg and scolioses.

ECIWO-Acupuncture was given on 2 MCB liver and eye points – simultaneous leg and foot points.

After 4 days, Mrs. Kohnen could see me and 7 days later, she could read newspaper with her glasses on. A few months later, Mrs Kohnen came for a second treatment. The luxatio and the column were treated and they were completely cured. She had a prescription for liver and pancreas insufficient.

After the treatment, Mrs. Kohnen was able to travel home by railway on her own. The patient and I were so happy with the treatment results.


Mrs. Däubler R. Germany Date: 22.1.57

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Intervertebral Disc Prolapsed

Intervertebral disc prolapsed, LWS 7-5, serious problems during walking and during the night. At the same time, BWS 5-7 torsion and blockade of the vertebras with pain in these areas. These problems caused the patient extremely unpleasant.

Treatment And Course:

Mrs. Däubler received a primary treatment from a normal orthopaedic doctor with little success. After a few weeks, she came to my clinic for acupuncture treatment. Mrs. Däubler had 3 treatments of ECIWO Acupuncture (hip and chest area only at the fibula) and Lidocain in the treatment.

Within seconds after the treatment, she felt no pain at all. The vertebral torsion was treated manually. After the treatment, the spinal column was straight and back to normal position. Mrs. Däubler was happy with the treatment results and she introduced many of her friends to me.

Mrs. Pfitscher B. Italy Date: 3.3.59

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Neck and Chest Column Pain

Mrs. Pfitscher was in a state of unconsciousness while bending forward. She felt pain in her neck and chest column. She received treatment from a clinic in Italy and Austria but was ineffective. She suspected that she was going to lose her job as a teacher.

Treatment And Course:

Two treatments for 3 weeks, with 5 days as an interval in between the treatment – twice a day (ECIWO neck, chest and liver points on the 2 MCB and tibia with chickenleg needling). Some medication were applied to improve her immune system and detoxification.

After the two treatments, Mrs. Pfitscher went back to Italy without any symptoms and she could start working again.

Mr. Dikta A. Germany Date: 28.7.54

Diagnose From the Local Doctors And Hospital:

Hip Joint Pain

Mr. Dikta has extreme pain in his hip area for about 25 years! He received treatments from local doctors but the results were ineffective. He was about to lose his job.

Treatment And Course:

Two treatments with ECIWO Acupuncture on 2 MCB and tibia. One treatment at the tibia with Lidocain. In addition, Mr. Dikta also applied two different types of oil for muscle relaxation. He feels good now and he can keep his job.

Ms. Rubner Angelika Augsburg Date: 27.2.71

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Neck Rigidity

Ms. Angelika had stiff neck with extreme pain in her neck and shoulder region. The doctors told her that she had no migraine and the position of the vertebral are in upright position. She did not receive any treatments from the hospitals.

Ms. Angelika had taken X-ray for her neck and shoulder region and the doctor sent her to a special neck massage and gymnastic. During the first treatment, Ms. Rubner Angelika complained that the pain became worse and the treatment had to be stopped immediately. After the incident, she came to me for acupuncture treatment.

Treatment And Course:

The patient had ECIWO Acupuncture (neck point on 2 MCB and tibia), an infrared and irradiation for the neck region. After a few seconds, the pain vibration on the neck, shoulder and vertebral were gone. The next day, Ms. Angelika repeated the same treatment. Finally, she was cured. She was satisfied with the treatment result and no treatments were required after that.

Miss B. Deschler Scherstetten Date: 18.3.74

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Back, Shoulder, Knee & Sciatica Pain

Miss Deschler received treatments from the local orthopaedic doctors with no effective results.

Treatment And Course:

The problem was caused by a luxatio congenita coxae with columntorsions and scoliosis. The column and hip problems were cured manually. ECIWO Acupuncture was given on the waist and leg points.

Miss Deschler was very weak. She needed to have 100% oxygen supply during the acupuncture treatment and a prescription of biological medicine. The treatment was successful and Miss Deschler was cured. She celebrated her wedding ceremony a few weeks later without feeling pain at all.

Mr. A. Körner Ingolstadt

Diagnose From The Local Hospital:

Lower Spinal and Thumb Pain

Hypermobility with pain in lower spinal column and thumb.
There was no effective treatment from the local doctors and hospitals.

Treatment And Course:

The ECIWO Acupuncture treatments were given to the waist point on 2 MCB and also to the thumb, combined with one point needled by Prof. Dr. Mann, London (Discover of Periost-Acupuncture) on the elbow (Periost-Acupuncture-Point for arm and heart region). After the treatment, the pain in her thumb was gone.

Mrs. Körner introduced her mother to me who had back pain and eyes disabilities. After one treatment, she had to travel back to Aachen, which is 700km far away. However, she still keeps in touch with me to let me her health condition. Mrs. Körner and her daughter will come back to me for a consultation and treatment in the next coming holidays.