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Why does a person often feel sick whereas others stay in good health even without medication? Why do people suffer from chronic disease, diabetes, vascular or heart diseases, arthritis etc? The early stages of such illnesses could be evident in the process of aging, because the bodyís organs and functions are not performing as efficiently as before to produce the required balance of hormones and secretions in the body.

In this regard, I would like to talk about my personal view on ORTHODOX MEDICINE OF THE EAST-TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE and how it can benefit human kind as well as contribute to the global medical field. Traditional Chinese Medicine is the orthodox medicine of the East and is recognised as an alternative in the west and world wide.

Chinese medicine is practised differently from Western medicine because the medical concepts underlying it are based on a holistic approach to the treatment of the human body. For example, if one organ or meridian is malfunctioning it will give a series of symptoms. Therefore treatment of the one organ or meridian will affect the whole, producing inner balance and an harmonious environment.

This concept is also referred to as ‘the Yin & Yang balancing’. This is the explanation of how one acupoint can be used to treat many symptoms caused by different illnesses. It causes the endocrine response to perform homeostasis in the body which brings about positive results.

It has also been proven beyond doubt that Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture are able to improve or cure many chronic diseases. Western doctors have discovered that Chinese medicine and acupuncture are alternative forms of medicine for their patients. For instance, patient suffering from acute arthritis, spondylitis, tendonitis, myositis, vasculitis, neuritis, asthma, migraine, cerebralpalsy, diabetes, muscular atrophy of unknown cause, severe psoriasis, eczema etc and given complicated treatment or subsequently pronounced incurable by Western medicine, gained instant relief or were even cured with Chinese herbs and acupuncture.

Therefore, if the global medical field is ignorant about such treatment, or refuses to acknowledge it, people will continue to endure great suffering from certain illnesses which are pronounced incurable but which can in fact be cured. If medical practitioners can make use of Traditional Chinese Medicine they may find this knowledge very rewarding and if they combine it with Western medicine, they will achieve a greater effectiveness, gaining results which will benefit mankind.

I strongly believe that all the vital forces of the body can be self-balanced. Chinese medicine and acupuncture can actually help the body to respond and achieve the homeostasis. This treatment can help the body to respond and achieve this homeostasis. Which can help heal any form of illnesses, from malfunction to abnormality, as well as for self-adjusting, including old age symptoms. The only exception is bone fracture which should be referred to an orthopaedist for proper treatment.

Treatment advice:

Within 24 hours after Acupuncture treatment, the response of endocrine to perform homeostasis is high but gradually disperse after 72 hours. Therefore, it is advisable to follow instructions on the next treatment.

Acute illness has to be treated intensively daily or twice a day to obtain the required results.

For chronic and complicated cases it is advisable to continue treatment for 10-15 sittings as a course, or if necessary, as many as 30 sittings in one treatment course.

Sittings for prevention treatment and health improvement could be arranged for once a month or special prevention treatment for acute seasonal attacks of asthma, bronchitis asthma and pre-menopause syndromes.

ECIWO Acupuncture Therapy is the latest way to explain Acupuncture. It means Embryo Containing Information Of The Whole Organism, and is based on the Bioholography Law and Pan-Embryo Therapy. When this therapy is applied, the organic hormone for homeostasis is influenced. The duration of every treatment is 20-45 minutes with a course of 1-15 sittings.

Except traumatic injuries, the Nature Cure theory can assist the human body’s immune system overcome any disease (from ageing to cancer) caused by imbalance hormones of insufficient endocrine. These conditions cause malfunction of the body’s immune system, resulting in weak resistance.

This, in turn, causes individual cells to grow abnormally, according to turmoil-based, or TCM theory. This can be rectified with acupuncture treatment and Micro-acupuncture has proven to be effective in stimulating the body to produce substances for overcoming illnesses, as well as delaying ageing.

Ordinary Acupuncture, ECIWO Acupuncture, ECIWO Medicine and Ancient Acupuncture surgery are considered remedies with potential to conquer symptoms related to all kinds of diseases. From the first diagnosis the patient will be advised on the numbers of treatment needed and will be closely observed and monitored during the course of treatment.

The conclusion that (except for cases like bone fracture, old age and collapse of the Yin and Yang disease) Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine based on the latest Embryonic ECIWO Therapy is much more effective than a lot of Western medicine and in comparison produces far fewer side effects it is the natural way of cure for sicknesses.

Acupuncture for Varicose Veins



Varicose veins – distended, visible superficial veins on the legs – are almost always the result of problems with valves within the venous system of the leg. All leg veins contain one-way flap valves which are designed to help the flow of blood in the veins in an upward direction on its return to the heart.

When one or more of these valves fails to function correctly, some blood is able to flow back down into the leg – in the wrong direction – and tends to overfill and distend branches of superficial veins under the skin. Over a period of time, this additional pressure of blood causes the veins to stretch, bulge and become visible. At the same time, tiny capillary branches of the veins are also overfilled with blood, producing multiple spider veins and purple discolouration.

In some cases, varicose veins can also cause skin changes, damage, sclerosis, heaviness, weakness, tiredness and pain on the leg.


According to TCM theory, the general pathology of varicose veins is usually spleen qi deficiency and blood stagnation. Factors like stress, long time standing, emotional agitation and greasy foods are the causes for qi and blood disharmony, qi deficiency, production of phlegm and blood stagnation.

To break this down even further, varicose veins can be classified into three broad categories:

toxic damp heat  type spleen deficiency, food stagnation, qi stagnation transforming to heat, accumulated toxic heat flowing downward to the meridians. Symptoms include tight varicose veins, local redness, swelling, hotness and pain, red color skin around the veins, scorching pain, thirsty but not want to drink, foul breath, restlessness, red, tender and puffy tongue with yellow greasy coating, slippery and rapid pulse.

damp heat type   accumulated phlegm and dampness transforming to heat, damp-heat flowing down ward. Varicose veins like messy ropes, local aching, tightness, heaviness and distension, oily and bright surrounding skin, body heaviness and tiredness, heaviness of head as if being wrapped, symptoms aggravates in the afternoons, dark purple and enlarged tongue with turbid greasy coating, deep and rapid pulse.

deficient cold and dampness type  cold and dampness accumulated in the interior due to qi deficiency. Varicose veins shaped like earthworms, soft upon palpation, mild continuous pain, gray or sallow skin color, local cold and damp sensation, dizziness, symptoms aggravates after stress, sallow complexion, pale enlarged tongue with white greasy coating, moderate and weak pulse.


Acupuncture is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine which has more than 2000 years of history. This ancient treatment method has very good effects on varicose veins. However, it is rarely known to the Western world.

Acupuncture can improve the blood circulation effectively. By inserting the tiny needles into the key points along the meridians, the acupuncturist forces the blood to move in the veins and surrounding areas. Meanwhile, the points for coordinating the internal organs are selected to enhance the energy and blood flow to supply and develop the source of blood to the area. Like the clogged pipe being washed wide open by a forceful supply of water.  Sometimes, suctions will also be used to remove the stagnant blood.

Points selection
P6 | H7 | Lu 9 | Sp 6 | Ren 6